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Automated Rotary Systems
Automated Rotary Winding Systems
Configurable for high production of
wound assemblies. Up to 10 stations
can include: automatic loading,
pin insertion, pin bending,
pin presence test, winding with up
to 4 spindles, soldering, thermal
compression welding, electrical testing
and automatic unloading.
Ideal for RFID coils, Chip Cores sizes,
0603, 0805,1008,1206 &
SMT bobbins.
Technical Data:

# Spindles: 1-4
Wire Diameter: 58/22 AWG
Winding Speed: to 18,000 rpm.

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Automated Winding Linear Systems
Automated Winding Linear Systems
Can be configured for RFID Inlet,
Bobbins, Chip Core or Small transformer
production. RFID system stations
can include; high or low frequency RFID
coil winding with up to 4 spindle,
thermal compression welding of chips,
inlet packaging, testing, stamping & unloading.
Other machine configurations can include;
pin insertion, bending and presence test,
winding with up to 18 spindles,
soldering, electrical testing and unloading.
Technical Data:

# Spindles: 1-18
Wire Diameter: 58/22 AWG
Winding Speed: to 18,000 rpm.

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Automated Capacitor Winder
Automated Capacitor Winder
Automatic foil cut and fold unit for both foils eliminates manual intervention during winding, results in higher productivity, consistency and safety. Provision for adjusting head and tail length reduces waste of film and foil. Sensor for detecting edge fold open enables automatic stopping of the machine, thereby reducing material wastage.
Technical Data:

Number of feeders: Film 6; Foil 2
Width of Film/Foil: 200mm to 350mm
Margin Shift: +/- 20mm (manual)
Tension Control: Dancing roller arrangement with band brake, pneumatically controlled continuously adjustable.

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