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How do you ensure consistency in your winding process? In our experience, the most often overlooked detail of coil winding is proper and uniform tensioning. Uniform tension is critical to the production of high quality products. Every manufacturer of magnet wire publishes a chart of recommended wire tension, by wire size, for its products. Typically, you will use a value equal to 50 - 80% of the maximum recommended tension to ensure that the magnet wire is not elongated during the winding process (which would decrease the diameter of the wire and increase it's resistance), and possibly damage the wire insulation due to stretch. A tension meter is used to measure winding tension on the magnet wire. The ideal spot to measure tension is between the final wire guide device (pulley or wire tube) and the coil, since this gives the true tension on the magnet wire. Tensioners can be mechanical, with either direct reading for round coils, or dampened for square or rectangular coils, or electronic, which can be programmed for sampling rate. Another often-overlooked element of tensioning is whether your tensioner compensates the applied tension during the wire build of your coil. As your coil builds in size, you will be pulling more wire length per second of winding. If your tensioner does not compensate for this, your tension will increase as your coil builds. To ensure uniformity and consistency, make sure that your tensioners, either mechanical or electronic, are of the compensating type. We feature tensioning equipment manufactured by ALTIC and SYNTHESIS, and tension meters from TENSITRON.
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SERVICE NEWS: BOBIFIL-AMACOIL FOOTPEDAL TRANSFORMERS. We have been receiving many questions regarding the older style footpedal transformers. Sarcem America is now repairing and retrofitting these footpedal transformers to keep your older winding machines up and running. Due to the different versions that exist in the field, we are asking our customers to send these transformers to us to ensure the correct revision mounting platforms are repaired or retrofitted properly. If you have any questions about this procedure, please feel free to call, or email us.
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BOBIFIL-AMACOIL COUNTERS. We have also been receiving requests for repairing or retrofitting the older style of JMR or Hengstler counters that were used on the earlier winding machines. Sarcem America is now repairing and retrofitting these counters. Due to some of the modifications that may have been already done on some of these older machines, a visit may be required to clearly identify the existing counter, and assist with the new counter installation. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to call, or email us.
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Current Winding Machines

Our website depicts our latest product listing of our winding equipment. Please contact us for more details of any specific machine that may be of interest to you. Our machines can be configured to meet your winding needs. We are a full service distributor of Winding Machines, Tooling, Accessories and Services. When you have a project that you need assistance with, we will do everything possible to help you find the winding solution that meets your winding expectations. If we don't have a machine or service for your application, we will help you find someone who does.

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Machine Decals

Winding machines and equipment may change owners over the years, and Sarcem America has made machine decals available for your Amacoil, Bobifil or Sarcem coil winding machines and the Altic and Bobifil tensioning devices. Our intent with these decals is for ease of communications and to enable you or your staff to have ready access to our contact numbers. Please affix the decals in a highly visible location on your equipment so that we may continue to provide you with quality coil winding machine service. Please contact us to order new or replacement decals for your equipment.

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North America Sales Representation

Bob Humphrey
Serving: Canada, Mexico, US
Phone: 262-534-7394
Fax: 262-534-7395
825 Mohr Ave., Suite B
Waterford, WI 53185
E-Mail: bobh@sarcem.com
(formerly SAHM TOOL & CARBIDE)
Mike Sahm,
Serving: Mexico,
Phone: 800-648-4512
Fax: 830-629-7983
1644 IH 35 East
New Braunfels, TX 78130
E-Mail: mikesahm@aiwnet.com
Frank Lageman
Serving: OH, KY, IN, PA
Phone: 614/890-7733
Fax: 614/890-0896
278 Tallowood Dr.
Westerville, OH 43081
E-Mail: ampcorp@aol.com

Bruce Potter
Serving: CT, DE, MA, MD, ME, NH, NJ,
Phone: 908-306-0321
Fax: 908-306-9002
P.O. Box 4181
Warren, NJ 07059
E-Mail: brucepotter@juno.com
Mark Baillie
Serving: WI, MI, MN,
Phone: 952-546-2960
Fax: 952-546-4653
2238 Florida Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55426
E-Mail: mark@bailliesales.com
Brian Miller
Serving: IL, IN
Phone: 815-338-1939
Fax: 815-338-0936
8605 Bull Valley Rd.
Woodstock, IL 60096
E-Mail: itpcorp@stans.com

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Product Information-The BIPHEDRE Series
by G.S. Automation, Sarcem Technology

The Biphedre, by G.S. Automation, Sarcem Technology, is a thermobonding winding machine that operates automatically. The Biphedre can be configured as a double or single spindle unit for coil winding fine wire, especially for thermobonding of coils with or without support.
The machine platform consists of an aluminum chassis, on which is mounted the base plate which carries the spindle headstock(s), tailstock(s), wire guiding system and the winding tools. The brushless drive motor for the spindles is located behind the headstock(s). The wire supply spool(s) is located on the base plate behind the headstock(s).
The machine is equipped with a 4-axis servo control (32 bit architecture DSP) integrating a field bus of CAN Bus open type. The control has LCD display and may be connected via an RS232 line to a 32-bit PC operating under Windows. The software offers a user-friendly interface.
Wire bonding is performed via a hot air heating system applicable by means of a nozzle during the winding process. Temperature and airflow are fully adjustable and regulated.
  • Wire terminating by cutting.
  • 2 or 1 spindle configuration.
  • Automatic handling of start and finish leads.
  • Max coil diameter to 3.9".
  • Winding speeds to 15,000 rpm.
  • Coil winding length up to 3.9".
  • Wire diameters 10 microns to .7mm.
  • Step setting to 10 microns
  • Coil winding on cores, up to 7.8" diameter
  • Wire skeining.
  • Custom tooling configurations.
The Biphedre is the next generation of the Miniphedre series. Many hundreds of Miniphedres have been produced since 1963, and are still in service. For more information, please contact us.

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