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Coil Winding Machines

Sarcem America, Inc. is a leading equipment and component supplier to the coil winding industry. In addition to supplying winding machines to customers across the country, we’re also a premier service specialist. Since 1984, our quality products and knowledgeable staff have assisted customers in maintaining their coil winding equipment. We can also train your staff on how to use and service this equipment, and even prototype machines for your specific application. Contact us today—we have sales representation throughout North America ready to assist you.

Leading National Coil Winding Service

Coil winding equipment performs a simple task, but the mechanical fundamentals of these machines require expert service, maintenance and repair. Sarcem America, Inc. is a coil winding company with decades of experience, committed to helping our customers keep their coil winding and tensioner equipment up and running at peak reliability, efficiency and safety. We’re your all-in-one source for complete service—from replacement parts, to repairs, to training for maintenance teams.

We operate from our headquarters in Waterford, Wisconsin; however, we serve customers nationwide through our team of superior sales reps. Whether you’re in the market for new equipment or need an expert to service yours, we’re always here for you. Allow us to provide on-site service at your facilities, or at our headquarters. We aim to provide efficient service that keeps your equipment up and running, generating the ROI you expect from it. We stock parts on-hand and can order whatever you need to get your equipment serviced accordingly. Our service abilities extend to all major OEMs, including GS Automation, Ducap, ALTIC, Synthesis, and Bobifil and Amacoil.

Optima 2100

Superior Service Company

We don’t just stop at being a superior service company. We’re also coil winding manufacturers for prototype units, made to spec for your unique application. You’ll be able to keep your equipment up and running while we work on your prototype, to ensure it works flawlessly when the time comes to deploy it. As an all-in-one coil winding company, we’re able to maintain, service, repair and customize all types of equipment, including:

  • Single- and Multi-Spindle Machines
  • Air Coil Winding Machines
  • HV/LV and Foil Winding Machines
  • Tensioning and De-Reeling Devices
  • Bench and Stator Winders

Simple, Yet Sophisticated

Don’t let the simplicity of coil winding equipment fool you. These machines need exceptional care and repair to stay functional and safe. Trust Sarcem America, Inc. as your service provider.

Proudly providing Coil Winding Machinery and Altic Tensioner Repair And Calibration to the following areas: Canada, Mexico, and US